Fangoria Ads


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Don’t ask why I decided to compile a gallery and slideshow of advertisements gathered from early issues of the horror magazine Fangoria. I don’t have a good answer. Rummaging through back issues looking for articles about prosthetics, special effects make-up and puppetry, I became a little distracted by the advertisements for video-cassettes (look how expensive it was, in the 1980s, to buy your own VHS tapes!), masks, books, t-shirts and gloopy, gory make-up effects. Ostensibly a journal celebrating the inventive evisceration of the human body, Fangoria actually comes across as a cheery community centre for enthusiasts of rubbery prosthetics and homemade horrors. You’ll find some familiar monsters in this gallery, and some lovely offers to help you simulate demonic possession, or a bit of  limb-lopping, gut chewing dismemberment in the comfort of your own home. Avoid if more than a little squeamish. Otherwise, enjoy a bit of 80s nostalgia. Some of these offers may no longer be available, though. Sorry.

Picture of the Week #14: Famous Monsters of Filmland

[Issue #57 features The Green Slime on its cover: an MGM production shot at Toei studios in Japan, it was directed by Kinji Fukasaku, who would later become better known as the director of Battle Royale.]

This Friday’s fotographic fiesta is a fabulous full-fat feast of freakish filmic fings from Forrest’s Famous Monsters of Filmland. Gorgeously garish covers from Forrest J. Ackerman‘s (1916 – 2008) legendary magazine (1958 – 1983), they show a side of cinema that is a gallery of great characters, a toytown of rubbery make-up, miniature models and marauding aliens. Siphoning off the scares to show these hoardes of monsters as almost near-friendly creatures happy to pose for a portrait or crack a half smile for the artist, the mag captures Ackerman’s affection for the films and the ephemera they left behind. His collections of memorabilia were peerless. Click below for many more covers, and take a YouTube tour of his mansion if you don’t believe me:

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