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  2. Hi Dan,
    You do honor to the literature of cinema. Your eloquence, respect, and recognition that there is a literature filled with magic beyond the kinetic ride — that there is humanity and spirit in the great films, is rare enough. To find it coupled with the talent to unveil and intrigue without destroying any of the magic, but gently leading us towad it, is a rare gift.
    Many thanks for sharing your cinema-love.

  3. Dear Dan,
    I read your posting on McCay’s Lusitania a while ago and really appreciated it. I am planning to make an animated documentary about another ship that was sunk in WWI, the SS Mendi, that was carrying over 800 men of the South African Labour Contingent – also with huge loss of life, with no visual documentation and also played down in official memory. In making the film I want to make explicit reference to McCay’s film and to what will be (in 2018) a hundred years of animated documentary – if we take McCay’s film to be the first animated documentary. I would like to make this film within a reflective context of 100 years of animated documentaries and am trying to generate some interest in the project. Dok-Leipzig has an animated documentary section to the festival and I am hoping to persuade them to consider a special program in 2017 or 18 – showing the Lusitania, my new film on the SS Mendi, and perhaps other films that have been markers in animated documentary. It would be great to make a publication on a hundred years on the ‘genre’ (if it can be called that). Reading your article I thought you might be interesting in thinking about the project. If we step away from film and consider sinkings in art more generally, we could also take into consideration a painting like Gericault’s Raft of the Medusa and Dierk Schmidt’s Siev-X, a work about the sinking of a boat of asylum seekers in Australian waters. At present these are fairly scattered ideas and I am trying to guage if there might be interest in such a project/publication/film program from researchers such as yourself.
    It would be lovely to hear your thoughts,
    kind regards,
    Wendy Morris
    You can find out something about my profile and work at either of the following blogs: or

    • Dear Wendy,
      Many thanks for your message and apologies for the delayed reply – this blog has been lying dormant for a while, but I’m soon to begin reviving it. I will email you directly with a more detailed response.
      Best wishes

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