Spectacular Attractions Video Podcast #003

Here, in four chapters, is a lecture I gave to undergraduate students in the Department of English at The University of Exeter in 2010. The students had already watched the film, so if you haven’t seen it, you should probably avoid this talk until you have, as it discusses important plot developments. The title I was given was “The Politics of Privacy”, but my talk doesn’t address that idea directly: Michael Haneke’s Cache was one of several texts for that week on a module dealing with personal expression in writing and film, often focusing on postcolonial subjects. My lecture introduces students to the film and suggests some ways to interpret it and start to unravel its mysteries.

For reasons of upload limits, I have had to divide this lecture into four segments,. These were obviously not planned breaks, so each chapter will start and stop a little abruptly, I’m afraid. If anyone’s interested, I’ll also post the complete audio file for the lecture, but the video version includes slides, text, and video clips that should help to illustrate it, especially when I’m reading out long quotations.

At present, I’m only able to post all four chapters to my YouTube channel, though these are at least available in HD – Vimeo has tighter upload restrictions, so I can’t post all of them yet, but you can find updates, and earlier video podcasts, at my Vimeo page.

6 thoughts on “Spectacular Attractions Video Podcast #003

  1. The duration of the opening shot (a long take) allows critical thought an interval in which to take place. With Jurrasic Park, such intervals are much shorter, requiring the use of freeze frames (in the talk) to open up a comparable interval. The issue of “reality” requires further thought. One of the questions asked was, are we being patronised? Yes. Not necessarily by the film but by the fimmaker. Are we ever really under the spell that an image itself is a reality? I know I am but that’s through considerable theoretical effort. It is not at all an intuitive position I ever had. Surely we tend to read an image, just like the filmmaker, as being of reality, or as a manipulation of reality? Perhaps filmmakers are not necessarily the best at translating the deeper theoretical nature of their work into the appropriate words.

    I look forward to the podcasts to come.

  2. Thanks for this great lecture! Thanks a lot. Now I am looking forward to a lot more videos on all kinds of films and directors :)

    • I’m glad you liked it Birne. I’ll see what I can do! I would usually post much shorter podcasts, but I had a recording of a complete lecture and thought I’d make use of it and experiment with adding images, clips and slides.

      Sorry to hear you can’t access the podcast archive. It’s a problem with the site and not with your machine, so I’ll look into it and get it fixed as soon as I can.

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