Picture of the Week #74: 87 Filipino Movie Posters

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I have recently returned from a trip to the Philippines, and I’m itching to bring Spectacular Attractions back from its little hiatus. Unfortunately, it’s assessment season, so I have stacks of marking to get through, as well as publication deadlines for two articles and a couple of PhD vivas to conduct. It’s a busy time, but I want to try and keep something ticking over at this site as often as is humanly possible, beginning with a large gallery of Filipino movie posters, that hopefully demonstrates a wide range of styles and genres from across the last few decades of the Pinoy film industry. You’ll find the heroic, godly posturing of Fernando Poe Jr, the nation’s best-known and best-loved star, a bit of Darna, the Pinay Wonder Woman, a little bit of miniature action star Weng Weng (after whom a delicious cocktail is named), national comedian Dolphy, as well as representatives of the recent resurgence in febrile, socio-politically rapacious independent cinema by directors such as Brillante Mendoza, Raya Martin, Khavn, and Lav Diaz, which are worlds away from the pastel-coloured, airbroomed romcoms that are also in evidence here. I’m hoping that over the summer, I’ll finally get time for a series of long-mooted blog posts about this eclectic, maddening, exciting film culture (my suitcase came back stuffed with DVDs), so here is just a taster of coming attractions.

4 thoughts on “Picture of the Week #74: 87 Filipino Movie Posters

  1. Nice one. Was Weng Weng 003 1/2? I seem to remember watching a movie years ago about a diminutive secret agent who unconvincigly seduced and kung fued his way through a terrible, badly dubbed script – “Hey babe, wanna get it on?”

    • Yes, Weng Weng was in ‘For Your Height Only’. I think you introduced me to it, but I watched it again recently, and it’s actually quite well choreographed. The guy could actually do some real stuntwork. He only made a few movies, and died in his early 30s. Andrew Leavold was making a documentary about him, which became the broader Machete Maidens Unleashed, about Filipino B-movies: http://andrewleavold.blogspot.com/

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