Picture of the Week #54: Felix the Cat Merchandise

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For no good reason that wouldn’t bebetter described as a whim, this week I bring you some bits of Felix the Cat merchandise. Many of these come from items located in the Bill Douglas Centre for History of Cinema and Popular Culture, which I’ve namechecked here many times before. The Centre has excellent holdings on animation history, and a particular section devoted to the cartoon cat created at Pat Sullivan’s studio in 1919 (credit for the original design is disputed between Sullivan and Otto Messmer). The range and depth of Felix merchandise is testament to the character’s popularity, as well as his transferability – the simple design made him a powerful graphic logo that was instantly recognisable whether on a poster, a mug, or a knitting tool.


One thought on “Picture of the Week #54: Felix the Cat Merchandise

  1. Hi
    I have just found a picture of a felix th cat pin and I have one the same and trying to find out more about the pin and possible how much the pin may be worth, please if you can help contact me by email on pjblue@hotmail.co.uk

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