Picture of the Week(end) #53e: Hammer Horrors

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5 thoughts on “Picture of the Week(end) #53e: Hammer Horrors

    • I have the DVD somewhere, happy to lend. It’s not quite the explosion of awesomeness that it might seem – the Hammer and Shaw Bros styles don’t quite gel, but in some ways that makes it all the more fun, and it’s good to know that they gave it a go. Actually, I need to watch it again. I may have imagined the scene where Peter Cushing gets to do some kung fu, so I should check to make sure.

  1. For anyone who is interested (as they should be!) the Hammer Horror boxset is currently on offer in HMV for £40 and is well worth the buy. 21 disc boxset, information booklet and postcards. Plus it includes the only zombie film I like, ‘The Plague of the Zombies’!


    • Thanks, Tamsyn. I think I got the Hammer boxset when it was even cheaper on the HMV website (it’s currently listed at £35). They must’ve been having trouble shifting them. It was great value, though I haven’t managed to get through all of them. Plague of the Zombies is great, especially since it’s set in Cornwall. There aren’t enough zombie movies set in the South West. Which is odd, because there are far too many zombie movies in general……

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