Spectacular Attractions 2nd Blog Anniversary

It seems customary around the internet to mark in some way the occasion of a blog’s anniversary. I’m not sure how this came to be a custom, but I’m happy to observe it here. Today is the second anniversary of the establishment of Spectacular Attractions on WordPress, and I’m in much better shape than I was on this day last year. I am,though, as I was a year ago today, on a plane, this time on my way to the Philippines, so I’ve prepared this post in advance. By the time it appears on the blog, I will be bleary-eyed and sleepless on a long haul flight, trying to concentrate on a book and ignore the in-flight movies. This might leave Spectacular Attractions a bit quiet for a couple of weeks, but I’ve scheduled a few bits and pieces to post in my absence, including Pictures of the Week, and a final podcast to be released next Tuesday.

When I return, I’ll be straight back into a full teaching term, but I’m planning to make some changes around here. This may include a migration to WordPress.org, which will give me greater control over the formatting and appearance of these pages, and make it easier to host podcasts and other materials that should, in turn, make it easier for you to find stuff here. As nice as I think the site looks right now, it is a bit “busy”, so I may experiment with a more stripped-down style to save your eyes from too many blazing colours. I’m always open to suggestions, and I’m looking forward to refining the site, which was always a work-in-progress anyway.

Oh, do I need to shoehorn in some reference to the above picture? It’s really just an excuse for a picture of Clara Bow, and it’s time for a Wild Party or something. Thankyou for your continued support. I draw so much joy and inspiration from reading other people’s movie blogs, and I hope I’ve contributed something in return over the past twelve months.

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