2010: Moby Dick

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I haven’t heard much news about Mike Barker’s forthcoming TV movie of Moby Dick, except that it is still in postproduction. There are small poster images here and here. Assuming that Timur Bekmambetov’s supernatural adaptation is a long way off (he has three other films in production in the meantime, including his Tim Burton collaboration Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), the next “adaptation” in this recent flurry of Moby Dick films (unless Danny Glover gets his Ahab in first with Dragon Fire) might prove to be Asylum’s 2010: Moby Dick. Asylum have carved out a distinctive niche as the most brazen producers and distributors of exploitation movies on the market, riding a current wave of self-congratulatory affection for trash by making films that are more fun to imagine and anticipate than they are to watch (such as their run of marine monster movies Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus, Mega Piranha), or piggybacking mainstream blockbusters with their timely titles including 2012: Supernova, Snakes on a Train, The 18 Year-Old VIrgin, Allan Quatermain and the Temple of Skulls, or Paranormal Entity. So, one can only imagine what they’re going to do with Herman Melville’s novel, apart from the obvious trick of hurling a big sea mammal at a big ship. No trailers are available yet, but you can find some images at Asylum’s website here. And read more at Live for Films, io9, or Cinefantastique.

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6 thoughts on “2010: Moby Dick

  1. Wow — Renee O’Connor. Haven’t seen her since Xena (though I haven’t really been looking). Funny (or at least “interesting,” if you think coincidences are interesting), Lucy Lawless also did two TV movies about animal attacks — one was “Locusts,” the other was “Vampire Bats.” Neither creature is as large as a sperm whale, but en masse, yikes! Lucy played the same character in each, Department of Agriculture investigator Maddy Rierdon. I was hoping she’s do a third (maybe “Sewer Rats”) in order to rival Alec Baldwin’s and Harrison Ford’s combined run as Jack Ryan, but alas…

    I wonder what creature menace may be on deck for Kevin Sorbo? I sense a SyFy crossover mega-event!

      • Thanks, HM. It’s still looking interesting, though at this stage a little hard to distinguish greatly from the Franc Roddam version. I love that overhead shot of the whale going under the boat, and William Hurt looks great as Ahab.

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