Picture of the Week #42: Animation Backgrounds

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I love Rob Richards’s blog, Animation Backgrounds. It’s built around a single simple, but rich thing – the painted backgrounds from classic cartoons, minus the cel-animated characters that would eventually populate them. It’s a chance to appreciate the artwork itself without the distraction of all that frenetic motion, a demonstration of the care paid to mise-en-scene and a kind of set-building practiced by Disney, Warner Bros, Fleischer studios and many more. I hope Rob won’t mind me posting a small sample here, but for the full collection (and there’s a lot of stuff he’s gathered together), follow this link.

2 thoughts on “Picture of the Week #42: Animation Backgrounds

  1. That’s cool :) This post reminded me of a computer game that I used to play in school. The name was The Broken Sword. The animation there was smooth with these soft colors and transitions. As it was a quest game I could not really pass many of levels at once but the game kept me busy looking for clues because I simply loved the animation :)

    • THanks for the pics, D. Looks like the game was definitely modelled on cartoon animation, and a lot of those games had fixed backgrounds rather than 3D environments.

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