Picture of the Week #39: Minimalist Film Posters

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Twitter has its uses. This week, thanks to Lucy Fife Donaldson, I was directed to Jamie Bolton’s minimalist film posters. (Incidentally, you can follow me here if you’d like regular updates on stuff.) Prompted by this, I sought out other attempts to reduce film posters to their component parts, and found this gallery at Hexagonall, where you can find many more. Perhaps you need to know the films a bit to get the significance of those basic shapes, but they’re all well known movies (a lot of these unofficial poster exercises seem to be covering very similar bases).

[See more of my galleries here.]

16 thoughts on “Picture of the Week #39: Minimalist Film Posters

  1. i really like the ones for Robocop and Se7en. I think The Matrix should have been the Red pill though. Battery isn’t exactly what the Matrix is about.

    • We are the batteries in The Matrix, and maybe the pill motif would have been a bit too close to the Akira poster. I like the way these images don’t always take the most obvious reference point from each film, though.

      • Yes, I like how these images aren’t all obvious (except maybe for Planets of the Apes) and I know we are the batteries in The Matrix, I get it; at the same time, the concept of the Matrix, the whole point of it, revolves around learning about the ultimate Truth, which is what the red pill represents.

        (I kinda connect the point I’m trying to make here to the concept for the Se7en poster and perhaps I’m not being clear about my connection.)

        That is all I’m saying.

      • Or maybe, it should be a red AND blue pill, like half of each as one, since the movie goes into both worlds.

  2. Thanks for the mention – glad you liked those posters. I like these too. The choice of colours on the Vertigo one seems to induce a bit of a vertigo-like feeling which is good!

    • No problem, Lucy. You’re welcome. The official Vertigo poster is one of the greatest ever, and was already quite minimalist. Let me know if you find any posters that can go even more minimal than this…

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