Picture of the Week #35: Sixty Sexy Movie Posters

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If ever there was a post that was self-explanatory, it’s this one. I’ve tried to select a few orthodox images amongst the less well-known films and posters, all linked by the ways they use sexual imagery to sell films even when sexuality may only be a small component of the films themselves. View as a slideshow above, or scroll down and click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

[See more of my galleries here.]


2 thoughts on “Picture of the Week #35: Sixty Sexy Movie Posters

    • It seemed to work, though. This way, I can keep up the profile without having to write too much at the moment. There will be proper posts in production soon, I just have a couple of urgent conference papers to get through this week.

      I wrote about 8000 words on Avatar in January, and it still gets lots of traffic, mostly because it features the word “nipple”. I’m always amazed and fascinated by my stats…

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