Picture of the Week #34: Twenty Monster Movie Posters

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This week, your pictorial reward is a bunch of monster-themed posters from my collection of poster JPEGs. Next week, you can look forward to sexy-themed (to use the scientific term) posters for your delectation, followed by comic and heroic posters. The week after that, I’m open to suggestions for a theme – I have quite a lot of posters to display, and not enough picture-of-the-week spaces to put them in. I hope you enjoy the scenery of these garish, trashy marvels. Check on the slideshow above, or browse below for larger views of any of the pics.

5 thoughts on “Picture of the Week #34: Twenty Monster Movie Posters

  1. Not sure if this is quite in line with the other themes you have suggested, but how about movie posters that include photographs within them, or possibly people taking photographs… the first is, I imagine, more common. Another interesting one would be movie posters that show people smoking. Two themes here: cigarettes and cigars!

  2. Thanks, Sean! Those are good suggestions, though they sound challenging. I’ll see what I’ve got in my collections – I suspect there are plenty of smoking posters out there. Not too sure about the photographs – did you have particular ones in mind?

    So far, I’ve planned galleries of Monsters, sex, heroism and comedy. Big topics all, and you’d be surprised how easy it is to find monsters on posters, and how many of them feature a scantily-clad, semi-conscious woman cradled in hairy/slimy arms/tentacles.

  3. Ha! that was the thing: I couldn’t think of any any film posters showing people taking photographs, nor on DVD covers.

    The inclusion of photographs is perhaps more common. I think some of the posters for The Lives Of Others incorporated fake photographs – in the sense that stills from the film were framed as if they were photographs (this is perhaps too common), rather than photographs proper.

    There’s negatives: http://www.impawards.com/2002/one_hour_photo.html.

    People actually taking photographs though… still can’t think of one.

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