Prince of Persia Tweeted

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4 thoughts on “Prince of Persia Tweeted

  1. Hi Dan, entertaining and wildly accurate summation of the film! I only wish there was an equivalent for the recent Clash of the Titans remake.

  2. Thanks for visiting, Lisa. I didn’t plan a Tweeted review. It just felt like the most appropriate response to the film. I’ll certainly try it again. It might not work for films I really enjoy, and I’m trying to avoid any more dodgy blockbusters, but I’ll certainly line up some candidates for future Twiviews (as they’re probably called by somebody somewhere).

    • Thanks, Music. I wasn’t a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, mainly because I really wanted to see a dark and twisted adaptation of old seafaring tales, and the design department had gone that way without the script and acting following suit. But Pirates at least had some deftness and detail in its storytelling – Jack Sparrow was the perfect pantomime character who signalled that the whole enterprise had a sense of humour about itself. Prince of Persia doesn’t have that comic foil who undercuts the preposterous tone of the film and makes it all a bit more fun. Alfred Molina has a go, but his is a rather hackneyed characterisation.

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