Picture of the Week #22: James Caan shares his Birthday

James Caan turns 70 today. Happy Birthday, James. Here’s a picture of him rigged up with squibs and blood packs for his death scene in The Godfather. Happy memories. Caan shares his birthday with an abnormally disparate bunch of people. Today also marks the launch of Keira Knightley (1985), comedian Martin Short (1950), Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (1935), mythologist Joseph Campbell (1904), poet Robert Frost (1874), other poet A.E. Housman (1854), mucky Eurotica peddler Tinto Brass (1933), grumpy old actor Alan Arkin (1934), god-taunting zoologist Richard Dawkins (1941), Nancy Pelosi (1940), Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Watergate dude Bob Woodward (1943), skull-on-a-stick Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler (1948), Misa Uehara (1937), best known for her role as Princess Yuki in Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress, Baywatch and Society star Billy Warlock (1961), Dirty Dancer Jennifer Grey (1960), performance artists and interesting dresser Leigh Bowery (1961), inexplicably popular country singer Kenny Chesney (1968), Francis Lawrence (1971), director of I am Legend, actress and Judd Apatow spouse Leslie Mann (1972), Amy Smart (1976), and probably some others. Let me know if I missed you off the list on your special day.


3 thoughts on “Picture of the Week #22: James Caan shares his Birthday

  1. Well, its my birthday too, although of course I’m not famous! I’ve always been aware of sharing my birthday with Keira Knightley, mostly because it makes me feel so old at being exactly five years older than her and of having done absolutely nothing of any significance so far!

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