Picture of the Week #19: Film Posters from Ghana

The arrival of home video to Ghana in the early 80s produced the phenomenon of mobile cinemas, travelling around the country with a television, a VCR and a generator. To advertise their wares, these micro-distributors used large, hand-painted posters. When more people had their own TVs and video players at home, the tradition largely faded away (though the existence of posters for Terminator 3 and Planet Terror suggests it hasn’t really died out), but some of the posters remain, wearing the scars of having been outside in the elements, but evidencing an industrious attention to detail with their distinctive colours and bold posturing. I’m not sure if this confirms a popular taste for violent action movies, or a coincidence that posters for those films lasted longer than most.

You can see and buy more of these unique artifacts here. Or find galleries at Ephemera Assemblyman‘s blog, or if you’ve got money to spend, buy yourself a book.


4 thoughts on “Picture of the Week #19: Film Posters from Ghana

    • Definitely. And he doesn’t look like a killer. Maybe a sphinx, or a cynical and erudite man of letters, but not a killer. I suspect whoever made the poster hadn’t had chance to see the film in advance, and didn’t know that Cujo was a Saint Bernard, not a … sort of bassetty, spanielly thing.

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