Picture of the Week #18: Lillian Gish

This week’s pin-up is Lillian Gish, who died on this day in 1993, her 100th year. Most famous for her work with D.W. Griffith (Birth of a Nation, Broken Blossoms, Orphans of the Storm), her career spanned more than 100 films over eight decades, including King Vidor’s Duel in the Sun and Charles Laughton’s Night of the Hunter, up to her final appearance, alongside Bette Davis in Lindsay Anderson’s The Whales of August.

Read Dan Callahan’s fulsome appraisal of Gish’s career at Bright Lights Film Journal, or visit her official website for starters.

9 thoughts on “Picture of the Week #18: Lillian Gish

  1. Thanks for the lovely photographs of Lillian Gish. I’ll need to have a look through ‘The Whales of August’ material in the Lindsay Anderson Archive and choose a few photos to post as a belated Birthday tribute!

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