Picture of the Week #7: I’m dreaming…

Actually, there are three pictures this week, continuing the increasingly Christmassy advent-calendar approach to blogging. If you’re not feeling the spirit of the season, don’t worry – there’s only two more weeks of this to go. These two movies are linked by the hit single “White Christmas”. The word “hit” doesn’t really cover it; The Guinness Book of Records reckons it has sold over 100,000,000 copies, about half of them the Bing Crosby version (numbers are not too precise, because there’s no international body for assessing global sales figures). For comparison, Michael Jackson shifted around ten million copies of Billie Jean.

These images come from an excellent website of vintage movie posters, Cinemasterpieces. Check out their virtual gallery, and weep at the prices some of these things are fetching.

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