“Better than King Ralph”: Karl Pilkington Reviews The Invention of Lying

The Invention of Lying movie logo

As a supplement to my rather negative review (“the worst film I’ve seen at the cinema since Highlander II“) of The Invention of Lying, I thought I’d offer a little relief. Assuming you like his schtick, Ricky Gervais gives good interview, and is great at publicising his movies without making it look like a rictus-grinned duty to trot out the studio’s party line. Or maybe it’s a reverse-psychology tactic to attach a non-conformist odour to a film that otherwise reeks of formula. In any event, though, Karl Pilkington’s half-arsed attempt to review the film, ending up with only a handful of tepid, backhanded compliments (“it was the right length”) has more laughs in ten minutes than there are in the whole of the film itself.

Part One:

Part Two:


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