VentweeterquismAnd now for something a bit different. A little experiment in Puppetry 2.0. Some anonymous cad has set up an open access Twitter account, which any user can access and use to ventriloquise their thoughts. It’s called Ventweeterquism (the slightly less jarring “Ventwitterquism” is against the rules, apparently), and the password to access the account is “bemealittle” (a barely relevant reference to Let the Right One In, it implies the opportunity to hide behind a Twitter puppet (Twuppet?) and speak the thoughts of an imaginary character). Inspired by reading about Semi Ryu’s CoPuppet, which allows multiple users to manipulate a range of virtual digital puppets (thus testing out ideas of colaboration and interaction), it seemed like an interesting game to see whether a coherent personality might emerge. It’s just started, so why not get the ball rolling and go and make him speak. Nobody will ever know your lips moved…


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