One and Other

One and Other: Anthony Gormley

Yesterday, I wrote a post about Anthony Gormley’s public art installation for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square. In accordance with the wishes of the event’s organisers, I have now postponed publication of this item. It will reappear on Friday: please check back then for more information. Apologies to anyone who found an empty link on your blogroll. If you’d like to know more about One and Other, visit the official website. It’s not too late to sign up for a place on the plinth if you’d like to turn yourself into a public spectacle for an hour this summer:

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2 thoughts on “One and Other

  1. Hi there

    I would be interested to read your article before publication as I am blogging/tweeting for the Fourth Plinth. Who asked you to remove the article?


    Hugo Pickering

  2. Hi, Hugo – I wasn’t censored or contacted directly, but somebody on the One & Other Facebook group pointed out that the e-mail sent to successful applicants requests that Plinthers do not disclose any info until Friday, when the organisers will make their own big announcement. They don’t want the impact to be lessened. I’m not sure why, or how my article compromises anything, but I thought I’d play nicely and schedule it for publication on Friday morning instead.

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