Done Away

Is it ever OK to ask an actress whether or not it’s true she once threw a cup of urine over Roman Polanski? That’s what Xan Brooks wants you to tell him. judging by the comments on The Guardian website, most readers think it was a stupid question to ask Faye Dunaway, even if it refers to an infamous rumour about her fiery temperament on the set of Chinatown. My favourite response came from Richard Blandford, a WordPress blogger who is clearly a little bit sharp, even amongst the abnormally sharp community of WordPress bloggers:

“I guess it’s the Schrodinger’s Cat principle. If she did throw the pee, then the question was utterly justified, and she brought it on herself, a natural consequence of pee-throwing. If she didn’t throw the pee, and up until that point she didn’t know that had been said about her, then you’ve committed the faux pas of cruelly and unnecessarily informing a Hollywood great that she is erroneously thought of as a pee-thrower, something she could have made it to the grave without ever finding out. As she refused to answer the question, it must hover in a state of indeterminacy. I suppose it’s a good job you didn’t confront her about the rumour she put a cat in a box with a flaskful of poison and a geiger counter.

Although the real question is, what would Faye Dunaway be doing wandering around the set of Chinatown with a cup of her own urine?”

Someone always has to bring quantum mechanics into it, don’t they…

Dunaway, who is in the UK to promote Flick, a movie shot in South Wales in which she stars as a one-armed Memphis cop brought in to investige a series of murders possibly committed by a zombie Teddy Boy, obviously didn’t like the line of questioning from The Guardian, since she “turned down The Mail for this?” What should she do? End the interview and add some rocket fuel to the diva reputation, or politely answer the question with a demure declaration that “a lady never throws her wee”? But what’s more surprising is that Brooks had a movie about a Welsh rockabilly zombie to talk about, and he still had to resort to asking about a thirty-five year-old pee-projectile incident that probably never happened.

If I was a better blogger, I’d turn this into some kind of rant about journalists’ prurient interest in the bottom-of-the-barrel celebrity rumour sludge, but I’m not, so I won’t. It’s late, and I’ve been trying to write some other, more thoughtful stuff all day (Bazin Part II coming soon, I promise), and I’m aware that I need to practice the fine art of writing some shorter posts from time to time. Maybe another day…

2 thoughts on “Done Away

  1. I like to start my morning reading your blog while listening to my indie/rock playlist and drinking a nice cup of coffee :-)

    Hey you know, I’d like to see a movie with a Welsh zombie which can only be killed if you pee on them! I have a talent for screenplay eh?

    I am looking forward to your Bazin II post.

  2. “I’d like to see a movie with a Welsh zombie which can only be killed if you pee on them! I have a talent for screenplay eh?”

    The studio will ask “where’s the romantic subplot in that?” I’m not sure I want to know……..

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